Friday, 24 July 2020 06:24

The Zenobia Wreck is still the best !

After diving the Zenobia wreck for over 15 years I can safely say that it is still one of the best dive sites in the world, and for many reasons !

People often ask if you ever get bored of diving the wreck and quite honestly the answer is always a resounding no. I must have dived her at least a thousand times and to all depths with both recreational and technical dives. There are so many dives you can do as there are so many different decks, so much cargo and so many different depths of dives. The Zenobia lies at between 18 and 42 metres in general so there is scope for all levels of divers depending on their experience. Each time you dive her you don't know what you might see and each dive can have completely different conditions throughout the year.

The wreck is also always changing. The structure is still pretty sound with only the internal walls of the accommodation deck breaking up and gradually dropping, but even here it is very safe to explore. The wreck has more growth of plant life on it every year which in turn attracts even more fish fry of all species to shelter. On the top of the wreck as it is now you can see thousands of smaller fishes in all different areas and every year the numbers of jacks, turtles, grouper and barracuda increases to prey on them.

In the winter months in particular the wreck takes on a whole new look with less light and completely different types of marine life. It has a more eery feel to it and stronger currents which again makes it feel like a completely different dive.

There are even some areas of the wreck that we have not fully explored. These include areas that we are gradually building on with our technical dives to the auxillary engine room and the more inaccessible areas of the lorry decks for example. I don't think there are very many people who have seen everything there is to see or dived every inch of this massive wreck. The sheer scale of the Zenobia means that it is not easily fully explored. Some of the deeper penetration dives take a lot more time and planning to fully explore big areas that have more difficult access and unfamiliar routes.

After over 40 years of being on the seabed the Zenobia will still be with us in another 40 years, and I would love to see the wonders she has in store for us then !