Thursday, 02 July 2020 04:09

Learn to dive in Cyprus

Cyprus offers the perfect conditions for anyone who is either looking to try diving for the first time or is looking to learn to dive and qualify as a new diver.

With warm, clear and calm waters Cyprus has an ideal environment in which to learn how to dive and all in the most perfect and safest locations for beginners.

For beginners it is a very important time to get the best initial introduction to the underwater world with the right instruction and in the best environment possible. This helps the new diver gain in confidence as their experience progresses and to see what a fantastic experience it actually is to be scuba diving. Then as they progress the variety of dive sites we use gives the beginner the best experiences of actually being able to breathe underwater while exploring all the wonders this new world has to offer.

There are many shallow and sheltered areas in the sea around Cyprus where the first experience dives can initially take place. The beauty of this is that you have safe depths to start to dive in while you also have marine life for beginners to start to enjoy, and all this in a very large area in which people will learn to a better standard and for people to better practice in.

All these reasons are why so many people come to Cyprus to learn to dive or who are planning on trying diving through the Padi or BSAC Discover Scuba Diving programme.

In the UK for example try dives are only done in swimming pools which are limited as to the space available to enjoy a good diving session in, and are limited of course as to what you can see. Here in Cyprus these take place in vast areas of water with varying depths, stunning underwater scenery and with varied marine life. The overall diving experience is therefore so much better and people are far more likely to want to dive again or decide that it is something they want to pursue further and get qualified.

These excellent conditions also apply to anyone enroling in their full beginners diving course. It is so important to have the best space and environment possible to give people the best start as a new diver, and so they can best concentrate on completing the course to the highest standards. Learning to dive in Cyprus with it's dive sites and excellent sea conditions gives student divers all this and the opportunities to have long, quality diving experiences in the safest of conditions.