Monday, 18 May 2020 09:38

Great to be back diving again

It was great to be back diving again over the last few days. It is an absolute pleasure to experience the underwater world again after a 10 week break due to the lock down here in Cyprus. Personally it is the longest I have gone without a dive for over 15 years and how good it was to get back underwater.

It was also especially pleasing because we took the time to dive some new areas in search of new dive sites and found a fantastic new area off the main bay of Pissouri. I have been told by the locals for a while that there are some interesting drop offs in this particular area with lots of marine life, the approach is very shallow so we were always slightly sceptical. However we ventured out and eventually came to a lovely drop off with some beautiful topography and lot's of different fish. 

There are some very interesting blocks of rectangular and square rock the size of a house that look almost man made in parts. This is also an area where the protected and very important Neptune Grass is in abundance, I have never seen this grass looking so bright green it was stunning and it must be a magnet for turtles in the area.

We had a good explore and there is a lot more to be discovered. On our dive we saw good numbers of sea breams, parrot fish, green wrasse, peacock wrasse, some scorpion fish, sea slugs, a very large octopus and sardines. There was also an old motorbike frame down there so who knows how long that has been lying on the sea bed !

The visibility was crystal clear and about 25 to 30 metres with water temperatures now climbing past 20degC, and it will be up to 25degC in the next week or two. I have no doubt that this area has never been dived before due to it's location and we have never seen or heard of divers in the particular area for 15 years at least. We have also never seen fishing boats in this vicinity either so it could be a great marine haven for us to enjoy on future dives.

All this and more goes to show you how much you miss the wonders of the underwater world when you are away from it for just a few weeks, we look forward to another great summer of diving and we hope to welcome many more divers very soon.