Wednesday, 06 May 2020 08:56

Back to diving in Cyprus !

It gives us great pleasure to announce that diving in Cyprus is back !

After seven weeks of lock down the Cypriot Government recently annouced new reduced measures from Monday the 4th of May as part of a schedule to get the country back to normal. This allowed all Dive Centres to re-open for people to visit the shops. Part of the second phase which starts on the 21st of May includes us being allowed to take people diving again which is fantastic news.

Bars, restaurants, tavernas, coffee shops, shops and beaches are also all opening with certain restrictions from the 21st of May.

Again there are maximum numbers of people that are allowed to be involved at any one time, strict sanitizing protocol to follow and social distancing on dive boats for example. However we never dive in big ratios anyway so there is no problem for us to go diving again with our divers.

Strict cleaning guidelines are in place for the Dive Centre with all surfaces being sanitized on a daily basis. Dive equipment is also thoroughly cleaned and sanitized following every use - particular attention with double cleans including bleach and alcohol goes to masks, snorkels, regulators, wetsuits and boots.

The numbers of people infected in Cyprus has never been a massive problem with less than 800 total cases, new cases per day are below 5 per day and most of those are from people repatriated from abroad. With many of those cases now recovered the total current cases has reduced massively and we hope to be almost virus free by the end of May. This has been mainly due to an early and strict shutdown, great efforts by the population, planned controls, targetted testing, the quick cancelling of all arrivals to Cyprus and in general a very good job by the Government here.

We cannot wait to get back in the water and we look forward to welcoming all our divers new and old very soon !

Stay safe everyone.