Thursday, 09 April 2020 06:45

Online eLearning Dive Courses

At Cyprus Diving Adventures our aim is to provide the very best in quality training and to produce the best divers possible. We have excellent indoor and outdoor training facilities. These include classrooms, superb confined water sites connected to the sea and all the lastest materials, eLearning, DVD’s and teaching technologies to create the best possible learning environment. Cyprus is one of the top training locations in the world. Our experienced Instructors have years of experience teaching in the UK, here in Cyprus and other parts of the world.

At the moment many dive agencies have both a number of courses where the theory is available to complete onlne and also have a number more being currently developed. Even BSAC are soon to release a number of eLearning courses for completing the theory part online. We will release more details on the BSAC courses as soon as any information is released. The TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures course theory is also available with online eLearning.

The best approach for the eLearning option is to request the link from ourselves which we would send you via email with full details. This method saves you on cost rather than signing up directly through the Padi website. (If you enrol via Padi direct they take a large part of your sign up fee which is what makes it more expensive.)

Those courses listed below for eLearning are the only courses currently available with the online version from Padi, for all the other courses the theory is currently still completed with the relevant manual. More courses are being developed with the eLearning option and we will update our website pages as they are released.

Open Water Diver Course 
Enriched Air (Nitrox) 
Advanced Open Water Course 
Scuba Refresher (ReActivate) 
Rescue Diver Course theory 
Equipment Specialist 
Divemaster Course & Assistant Instructor

The main difference for us between the eLearning or paperback manual versions is the amount of time you spend with an Instructor going over the theory.

You do much more of the theory on your own with the online product and as a result less time in the classroom with a professional going over what you have studied. It's up to each individual to decide which they prefer and although the eLearning is a very useful tool it can take away some valuable time discussing more details with an experienced Instructor. The eLearning does however take slightly less time to complete which for more people these days can be a higher priority.

Using the manual method adds an additional few hours to the overall course time as the knowledge reviews and final exam are completed in the classroom at the Dive Centre. This gives you more discussion time to seek many clarifications on certain theory that people may have. The online eLearning cuts this out as the reviews and exam are all completed online, but of course you can discuss anything during the remainder of the course or at any time before or after.

The choice is yours !