Friday, 13 March 2020 02:58

Best Diving in Cyprus ?

As dive professionals we often get asked which dives are the best in Cyprus or which are the best dives we have ever done. To be honest I would dive in a puddle and be happy, it's just that experience of being weightless underwater and exploring another world that does it every time for me.

Diving in Cyprus offers such a range of different dives and dive sites that any one of them on their day can be one of the best dives I have ever done. I have been on a 15 metre shore dive off Paphos with 40 metres of visibility, stunning topography and seen more shoals of fish and a range of marine life that beats anywhere I have dived in the world. So for me the best dives can be any one of them on their day and all for different reasons. Every diver also has their own personal interests and preferences so some prefer marine life - large or small, while others prefer wrecks or reefs and many like macro marine life like nudibranchs. The various dive sites in Cyprus offer all this variety across several areas.

Here in Pissouri we are ideally situated to serve all these dive sites as we are centrally located between Paphos, Latchi, Limassol and Larnaca where most of the best dives are to be found. You have beautiful island dives and seamounts off the Akamas National Park with large walls, stunning topography and an excellent range of marine life. There are wrecks and artificial reefs in protected marine reserves from Paphos to Limassol, Larnaca to Cape Greko, these of course include the famous Zenobia wreck and the new Elpida wreck just 25 minutes away. All these wrecks and reefs are different and have varying depths and also different ranges and types of marine life. The marine life here can be prolific and many divers are amazed by the numbers.

In Paphos there are a number of dive sites that have beautiful reefs with arches, swim throughs, caverns, caves, walls, gulleys and it is a popular area for green and loggerhead turtles.

Limassol has 2 wrecks within a large marine reserve and in between there is a series of artificial reefs from amphorae pots to rock formations and trapezes. This attracts a lot of marine life and you could spend a week exploring all the reefs and the wrecks.

Off Pissouri there is the largest known reef and seamount in Cyprus with the Jubilee Shoals dive site. This spectacular dive includes a pinnacle starting at 16 metres, a 70m wall with a large cave at 36 metres. The reef stretches a long way from east to west and much of it is unexplored.

As you can see there is a range of so many different types of dives with differing depths and to suit varying experience levels, so when someone asks me which are the best I say all of them !