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Thursday, 30 January 2020 05:37

Wreck Diving in Cyprus

Wreck diving in Cyprus is now becoming ever more popular and is a big draw now to those divers who just want to dive on wrecks all week to those who have never dived a wreck before and want to dive one for the very first time.

Cyprus is now home to a large number of wrecks, this number has greatly increased over the past 5 years due to a program of sinking artificial reefs by the local authorities.

The wrecks are at a range of different depths, vary in size and all have different stories to tell. This gives divers of all levels of experience from novice to the more advanced, deep and technical divers access to the many wrecks in Cyprus.

Along with the enourmous and world famous Zenobia wreck of course we have the brand new Elpida wreck which was sank in December last year. The Zenobia is a must for all divers and is a haven for wreck enthusiasts from all over the world. Teeming with marine life and with so much of the wreck to explore the Zenobia is among the most popular wrecks found anywhere in the world. The Elpida is no small vessel either at 63m in length and lying at a perfect depth of 30 metres it is open to most divers above the novice level. These 2 wrecks alone will greatly increase the popularity of wreck diving in Cyprus over the coming years.

Other wrecks include the Laboe in Paphos which was sank about 4 years ago in a depth of 30 metres, has a lot of interest in and around her, and is home to abundant marine life.

Two of our favourite wrecks are the Limassol wrecks - the Constandis and the Lady Thetis. You can dive them both on the same day and at 18m the Lady Thetis is available for entry level divers to enjoy. Both of these wrecks are a joy to explore with safe penetration and a range of marine life. Both are situated within a protected marine reserve and the marine life has exploded here.

Other wrecks also include the HMS Cricket which was an insect class warship, and the two wrecks on the east of the island which were sank as artificial reefs - the Liberty and Nemesis. 

Also for beginners to wrecks or those not so experienced there is the Vera K, Achilleas and the White Star all of which are located in the Paphos area and not far from each other. In fact on some trips you can dive all 3 on the same day.

Please contact us if you would like more information on diving any of the wrecks in Cyprus.