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Monday, 23 December 2019 15:21

Cyprus Diving Holidays

Many people look to go diving as part of their holiday plans and Cyprus is one of the top holiday destinations in Europe and the meditteranean with world class diving.

Up to 2 million people visit Cyprus every year and many return time after time. People say that once you have visited Cyprus you will want to come back again and again to enjoy this wonderful island. We first came here over 22 years ago and have been living here for over 13 years so we know exactly what they mean.

So why is Cyprus so popular and why is it is one of the few places where the numbers of visitors continues to grow ?

The excellent climate is a big factor with long summer conditions from April to early November and boasting over 320 days of sunshine. Indeed holidaymakers can be seen enjoying the beaches and swimming in the sea through to the end of December. The summer is generally not too humid and is cooled by coastal breezes making temperatures ease. The air is clear and free of pollution with some of the best air quality in the world measured in Cyprus. Indeed many people benefit from a general health improvement here in Cyprus due to this fact. The sea is also warm during the same period with temperatures ranging between 20 and 38degC and even in winter only gets as low as 17degC.

The seas around Cyprus are also crystal clear, normally calm and very warm. Many beaches are continually awarded Blue Flag status due to their cleanliness and the quality of the water. Holiday makers enjoy a lot of their holiday on these pristine beaches.

Another popular factor is the fabulous Cypriot hospitality, a truly warm people with Greek traditions and a friendly welcome in every taverna, shop or bar and a happy hello on the street. The traditional food in the tavernas is enjoyed by all ages with fresh Greek and Cypriot dishes served with traditional music or a live band in the background, and a visit is a great way to learn some of the local culture. There are many excellent international restaurants to enjoy alongside the traditional tavernas with foods from across the globe.

Cyprus offers many excellent choices of accommodation in a number of locations. These include 5 star hotels and resorts, a range of hotels, hotel apartments, holiday villages and private accommodation including villas, bungalows, houses and apartments. Something for all tastes, sizes and budgets.

The many opportunities for holiday activities, including scuba diving, is another factor in the popularity of Cyprus. Many people just want to relax and unwind on a sunny beach with a good book and enjoy the hospitality and excellent dining. Many also want to plan one or some activities during their holiday. Those available include hiking, walks, kayaking, watersports, golf, tennis, horse riding, wind surfing, kite surfing, visiting traditional villages, the Troodos mountains, visiting the many monasteries, boat trips, boat hire and of course scuba diving.

The scuba diving in Cyprus is among the best in the world for many reasons.

Diving here is excellent for beginners due to the perfect warm and clear sea conditions. Individuals, couples, families and groups can enjoy trying diving for the first time together with the Bubblemaker and Discover Scuba Diving experience which are suitable for all ages from 8. A range of depths are available to suit all comfort levels and Cyprus has the safest dive sites with an abundance of fascinating marine life. The underwater scenery in also stunning and to explore this world is like visiting another planet. Cyprus is one of the most popular destinations in the world for people looking to learn to dive for the first time.

Cyprus offers such an excellent range of different types of diving for all levels of qualified divers, from novice to the most experienced there are top dive sites across the island. These include a number of wrecks, reefs, wall dives, caves, islands, seamounts, pinnacles and the world famous Zenobia wreck. The Zenobia has regularly been voted in the top 5 wreck dives in the world. Diving can be booked for just a morning or for any number of dives over a period of however many days. Technical diving is also very popular here with a number of dive locations to choose from.

An abundance of varied marine life can be seen here with turtles, barracuda, wrasses, groupers, jacks, trumpetfish, sea breams, puffer fish, triggerfish, moray eels, sea cucumbers, nudibranchs, sea slugs, sea horses, sponges, corals, rays, blennies, gobies, octopus, cuttlefish, squid and so much more.

Also due to the varied diving available here Cyprus is very popular with divers looking to complete a further education course like a speciality or nitrox and the Advanced Open Water course is a big favourite to complete here.

Cyprus is a great holiday destination to suit all tastes and many individual interests and activities. Scuba diving is a popular part of many holiday plans and can be enjoyed here by all ages and experience levels.