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Wednesday, 11 December 2019 05:23

Elpida - New Wreck in Cyprus

As previously mentioned we were awaiting the final date for the sinking of our latest wreck and it finally went down to the seabed on Saturday 7th December 2019 !

As part of the ongoing programme to create protected areas of artificial reefs all around Cyprus it is with great pleasure that we announce our latest wreck for recreational and technical diving. The Elpida was sank perfectly flat on the seabed and is a great addition to the islands plans for the continuing growth of diving tourism in Cyprus.

The Elpida, which means Hope, is a large 63m commercial vessel from Greece and lies at a depth of just under 30m. The main deck lies at 20-22m and the top of the masts are at a depth of 10m.

The wreck has a lot to explore with a large bridge, accommodation areas, a large deck area and the 2 main masts on the outside.

Inside there are a number of large container areas, corridors, engine room and 3 decks of quarters including the bridge, all of which are going to be a great thrill to explore ! There are also a number of windows along the side of the wreck, a large rudder and propeller. Marine life is soon going to arrive in all parts of this wreck and make it their permanent homes for many years to come.

As with the other artificial reefs in Cyprus this new dive site over the coming months will be colonised by a range of marine life, growths of flora and fauna and will soon develop it’s own diverse eco system.

The Zenobia wreck and Limassol wrecks among others have already been a great success and the marine eco systems here have exploded.

The Elpida can only do the same and it will be great to see this develop over the coming months and years. These are fantastic developments by the Cypriot authorities to encourage these marine reserves all around the island for the increase of diverse populations of marine life, marine studies and diving tourism.

Cyprus Diving Adventures offers weekly day trips to the Elpida with 2 dives or alternatively with a dive on the Elpida and a dive on the Zenobia wreck on the same day.

You can see the sinking of the Elpida on the link below;

We will be mapping the wreck in more detail over the coming weeks to give us a series of great dive routes to take our divers on.