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Tuesday, 26 November 2019 12:38

Cyprus Diving Adventures

When choosing our company name, and after several years of diving all around Cyprus, we wanted to use it to highlight the many reasons why Cyprus is such a great place to go diving.

After diving in Cyprus for almost 15 years I have experienced a range of different types of diving including numerous wrecks at a range of depths, fantastic island dives with dramatic walls and caves, deep underwater seamounts and an incredible range of marine life in good numbers. Everyone tells me when they visit that the med is empty of fish but I always strongly disagree. I have taken many divers out for dives who have expressed how good the marine life is and how it is comparable to diving in the Red Sea - if you know where to go !

Shore dives off Paphos are home to stunning topography with walls, swim throughs, sink holes, arches, caverns, caves and a range of reefs. All have a range of marine life and are some of the best spots to dive with turtles, both green turtles and loggerheads.

Island dives off the Akamas National Park are also home to some great wall dives and stunning underwater features, but are also home to some of the best range and numbers of marine life in Cyprus. We regularly encounter large fish and large shoals with life also scattered all over the many rocks and reefs around the islands. These are some of the best dives in Cyprus and the med, and on their day see more marine life than the Zenobia wreck especially when the currents are running. St Georges Island, Manajin and Copo are among the best dives off islands just off the shore with a great range of depths.

Cyprus is home to many wrecks of all sizes and depths with more on their way as part of the continuing artificial reefs programme. The Limassol wrecks have been a great addition in recent years along with the Laboe, Liberty and Nemesis wrecks. Of course the best by far is the world famous Zenobia wreck which is still very much in tact and has so much to see and explore. One of the new wrecks being sank very soon is a very large vessel and we hope to see this develop into a great wreck dive over the coming months.

Another different dive is the enourmous and deep reef off Pissouri which is known as Jubilee Shoals. This is a seamount with a pinnacle at 16m and then drops off down a sheer wall to up to 70m with a massive cave at 36-38m. A great dive with a great free descent to start and a lot of varied marine life both on and off the wall.

So as you can see and after experiencing thousands of dives all around Cyprus you can see why we say there is a great many diving adventures of all types to be had diving in Cyprus. Our divers are always commenting on how varied the dives are and how they have something to suit all tastes, preferences and experience levels.