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Monday, 04 November 2019 09:48

Diving in Cyprus

Diving in Cyprus offers such a great range of dive sites from reefs to wrecks, walls to caves and has an abundance of varied marine life. This is perfect for all levels of experience, personal preferences and for those looking for a package of dives that includes many different types of diving.

Dives include a number of wrecks including the Zenobia, the wrecks at Limassol, HMS Cricket, The Liberty, Laboe and 2 new wrecks being sank very soon.

Massive reefs like the largest one at Jubilee Shoals are another example of the stunning underwater topography all around Cyprus along with numerous caverns, caves, deep walls, overhangs, sink holes and the many swim throughs. All have a range of depths to suit all divers from beginners to the most experienced divers.

The marine life is also excellent in many areas with grouper, turtles, jacks, barracuda, octopus, squid, cuttlefish, lobster, pipefish, breams, wrasses, sea stars, pufferfish, triggerfish, moray eels and so much more. Many divers in Cyprus often comment that they didn't realise just how much marine life there is in the waters around Cyprus.

Some of this is due to an increasing number of protected marine reserves that are being set up all around the island. These include atrificial reefs and wrecks that are being constantly developed along with natural reefs and islands. The latest one being St Georges island and the surrounding area off the northern coast of the Akamas National Park. Here we already see prolific marine life of all types of species and with this added protection we should see a further increase in marine life which would be fantastic.

All this and other planned future underwater projects will further elevate the popularity of the excellent diving in Cyprus that we already have.

Thousands of divers flock to Cyprus every year to explore it's unique underwater environments and many thousands more come here to learn to dive, complete a course or who just want to try it for the first time. With it's blue waters, clear visibility and all the varied dive sites it's not difficult to see why !