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Friday, 04 October 2019 12:53

New Wrecks in Cyprus !

Coming soon !! Watch this space for more updates and information on sinking and when we can start diving on the new wreck and reef !

It’s been a long time in the making but we are pleased to report that Cyprus's new artificial reef is nearing completion and will be ready at the end of October to welcome visitors - both marine and human!

As we previously reported, the ‘Elpida’ and ‘LEF1’ vessels are being suitably prepared by the Fisheries Department to be sunk off the coast of Voroklini with the aim to enrich marine biodiversity and cement Cyprus's status as a top diving destination worldwide.

Elpida (which means ‘hope’) is a commercial vessel from Greece that is 63 metres long and will be sunk to a depth of 30 metres.The LEF1 vessel is 16 metres long and will be sunk to a shallower depth of 13 metres to make it accessible to snorkelers too. The boat is kindly sponsored by Lefkaritis Bros Ltd. The new artificial reef is Larnaca region’s first and is co-financed by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (2014-2020).

It is anticipated that marine life will flourish soon after the establishment of the reef, adding to Larnaka’s existing dive propositions that include the world-renowned Zenobia wreck (one of the top 5 dive sites globally). It won't take too long before these artificial reefs are colonised and the ongoing development of it's own eco system will begin.

Two more wrecks in Cyprus are also planned - the Pyla sea caves, and the Meneou-Kiti area, which is considered to be one of the richest areas in terms of marine biodiversity due to the abundance of Posidonia Oceanica - a seagrass species endemic to the Mediterranean Sea that is an important part of the ecosystem. We look forward to unveiling the new reef and welcoming divers.