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Saturday, 31 August 2019 10:52

Cyprus Diving Season

The Cyprus diving season is generally seen as being from about March or April until the end of October. 

In fact with Cyprus being located so far east in the Mediterranean the general weather and sea conditions are excellent in November and usually right through December too. In Cyprus you can dive all year round and conditions can be excellent in January although far harder to predict, with February and March seeing the wetter and rougher weather.

As we approach September and October a lot of other Mediterranean countries are closing their Diving Centres for the winter, here in Cyprus these months have the best diving conditions of the year. The sea tends to be generally flat, the sea temperatures are the highest of the whole year and it is also the time of year when you get the daily excellent visibility of up to 30 or 40 metres. Water temperatures are averaging 27degC from the shallows to depth and do not fall below 25degC until well into November.

By mid to late January the sea temperatures are down to their lowest levels of the year of about 16 to 17degC and this lasts until the hotter days arrive in April and May. This is when we start to get into the early twenties and normally by July and August the water is above the mid twenties.

With the changing seasons there are also dramatic changes to the marine life you can see and dive sites can seem completely different between diving in January and August for example.

Sea conditions are generally very good with flat and rough days throught the spring and early summer until they settle down in late August through until November. May and June are particularly good diving months with July and early August having unpredictable conditions as the island heats up drawing in winds and other weather fronts. Although you can get in somewhere to dive on one side of the island or the other on most days during this period.

The only months when the conditions can be continually poor is February and March but even here we can have days or weeks of flat seas and glorious sunshine. The winter in Cyprus is just that bit harder to predict until it gets here and we can see the weekly forecasts ahead.

Dive boats are also less likely to go out over these 2 months but for the rest of the year there are still day boats available for diving around the island.

Cyprus really is a great place to dive all year round with the suits of course getting a bit thicker as the winter sets in.