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Thursday, 18 July 2019 08:34

Diving In Cyprus for all levels

Diving in Cyprus has a great variety of dives that includes a lot of great diving for all ages and experience levels. We have divers visiting Cyprus for a wide range of types of diving from 1 day try diving to a range of courses and dive packages. There is such a number of dive sites to choose from for any number of days diving and dive groups of all sizes are regular visitors here.

The range of dive sites, topography and depths available give the ideal dive sites for beginners doing their first experience dives, Open Water and Advanced Courses, divers of all experience levels looking for a package of dives, speciality divers, more advanced courses and technical diving.

These top dive sites include Cynthiana, Pistol Bay, Ampitheatre, the Stage, Manajin Island, Copo Island, St Georges Island, Jubilee Shoals, Zenobia Wreck, Limassol Wrecks, HMS Cricket, Nemesis, Liberty Wreck and many more.

Diving in Cyprus offers a range of dive sites from reefs to wrecks, walls to caves and has an abundance of varied marine life. Dives include a number of wrecks including of course the world famous Zenobia Wreck, massive reefs, caverns & caves, deep walls and a range of depths to suit divers from beginners levels to the most experienced of divers.

With a great number of dive sites with a range of depths from just a few metres these are perfect for training, dive courses and first experience dives. They also have stunning underwater scenery and varied marine life including turtles. You then have the wall dives, islands and wrecks with deeper depths for more advanced levels including Advanced Open Water, Specialities including Deep and Wreck, Technical diving and courses, and so on.

The marine life is also excellent in many areas with grouper, turtles, jacks, barracuda, octopus, squid, cuttlefish, lobster, pipefish, breams, wrasses, sea stars, pufferfish, triggerfish, moray eels and so much more. 

Cyprus is also home to some of the best diving conditions in the world with crystal clear waters, calm seas and visibiliy regularly over 30 metres. Temperatures also range from 25-30degC in the summer months and never really drop below 17degC in the main winter. The water quality is also excellent and has very low pollution levels. Tides and currents are also small, however on some of the deeper sites currents can be very strong in bad weather and during the winter.

All this adds up to some of the best diving and training conditions in Europe and the rest of the World.