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Saturday, 04 May 2019 06:50

Dive Training Standards

A recent news article reported on a diving incident that should never happen if standards and procedures were followed correctly when diving and if the diver had remembered the training.

We have noticed over the last few years how many people we have had book diving with us as an Open Water diver and in fact they haven’t been taught, or remembered, even the basic relevant skills and safety checks necessary for the level of qualification they had paid for! Students, without having any prior knowledge about diving put their trust in the Instructor and Dive Centre to do their job as per the training standards of the Diving Agency they represent. A newbie to diving will not be able to tell the difference between an lnstructor teaching them strictly via the Standards or an Instructor and Dive Center who is cutting out key skills or skipping over them quickly in order to save money (hence the reason for cheaper courses!)

We have experienced Open Water divers unable to:

Assemble their equipment

Do a proper buddy check

Check air quality & their air consumption

Complete a weight check

Maintain any form of buoyancy control

Clear their mask of water

At Cyprus Diving Adventures we always stick strictly to Standards when teaching and guiding dives. We teach all of our customers to a competent level. Indeed, in 10 years we have taught nearly 3000 Courses and have a safety record to be proud of, in addition as one of the top Dive Centres in Cyprus we have also taught many divers to professional and Instructor levels.

So if you are looking to learn to dive, ensure that the Dive Centre and Instructors explain the Course in detail to you, including the skills they will teach you and when you are asked to sign the record card, ensure you check that all the skills were taught to you and that you have mastered them. We use all the required and relevant teaching materials, and ensure you receive the very best quality courses and diving possible.

Diving is safe and fun when taught and experienced correctly and to the required standard.