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Thursday, 25 April 2019 06:12

Diving in Cyprus

Diving in Cyprus has something for everyone, for all tastes, ages, dive type preferences and for all experience levels. Cyprus is also a perfect dive location for dive training and completing courses from entry level through to specialities and professional ratings.

With generally calm seas, excellent visibility and warm temperatures divers are attracted in their thousands to experience the fantastic diving that Cyprus has to offer.

In the north and west coast there are a number of islands sitting off the mainland that are the pinnacles of some spectacular underwater features. These include massive walls, swim throughs, a multitude of stunning rock formations, swim throughs, caverns, caves, overhangs and crystal clear waters. The marine life is also excellent and varied with turtles, barracuda, groupers, parrotfish, wrasses, nudibranchs, moray eels, octopus, star fish, rays, sea sponges, sea cucumbers, trumpetfish, triggerfish, lionfish, breams, jacks, tuna and so much more !

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Then around the craggy south west coast of the Paphos area there are a number of top dive sites that are home to a range of stunning and beautiful underwater features with amazing topography. Here you will find a series of caverns, caves, swim throughs, varied marine life and even a natural underwater ampitheatre.

As you then come around the south of the island to the Pissouri area there is one of the top dives in Cyprus which is Jubilee Shoals. This is the biggest known reef in Cyprus with it's pinnacle at 16m and then stretching down in a sheer spectacular 70m wall. There is then a massive cave that is at 36-38m for deeper divers which is stunning. The reef and wall stretches from east to west and we still don't know how far it goes it is that big and a lot of it being quite deep.

Further along the coast you then have the Limassol area and it's protected marine reserve. This includes 2 great wrecks and a series of different artificial reefs that have been sank in between the wrecks. This massive area is now a haven for a vast range of abundant marine life and the wrecks and reefs are also excellent to dive and explore.

Last but not least of course we then have the world famous Zenobia wreck sitting on the seabed at depths of 18 to 42m. The Zenobia is also a protected marine reserve, so not only is the massive wreck a great dive site to explore it is also home to probably the best numbers of marine life in Cyprus. The wreck is 172m in length and has 3 lorry decks, staff quarters, passenger quarters and everything else to explore that a large ro-ro ferry with over 100 lorries on board would have. You could dive the Zenobia for a week and not see it all !

So diving in Cyprus really does have something for everyone with a range of superb diving for all to enjoy !

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