Sunday, 08 May 2016 09:02

Zenobia wreck mystery fish

We were having a great dive on the Zenobia Wreck when we spotted this fish. I have never seen this fish before in Cyprus in over 15 years of diving right across the island and we were all struggling to identify it. It has never been seen on the Zenobia before, even though we do get a few suprises here from time to time.

After making a few enquiries we found out the following.

The fish spotted on the Zenobia wreck has been spotted elsewhere too. Apart from the Zen a fish of the same appearance has been seen in Cape Greko and on the Alexandria wreck. Alien to the med it seems to come from the Red Sea and African region. After seeing it on the Zenobia we posted some images and the latest is it may be a CENTROLOPHUS NIGER or Rudder Fish or Black Ruff. We're going to the Zenobia again today so we will get some more images and investigate further.

After visiting the wreck again the fish had disappeared and we have not come across one since. However we believe this fish below could be an infant of the same species, we came across it diving in the Paphos area. It is a very rare fish in these waters but one that we will be keeping a close look out for in the future.


cyprus mystery fish