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Wednesday, 27 March 2019 06:26

Prevent problems as a Rescue Diver

Why become a Rescue Diver ? What can you gain as a diver from this course and indeed continuing to refresh your rescue skills ?

Apart from medical issues, what do you think most causes or contributes to serious dive incidents ? Gear failure ? Conditions ? Panic ?

No, while these can all be factors, the number one cause or contributor in serious accidents is bad decisions and diver error. When we make good choices and follow accepted diving practices, unpleasant experiences are very rare, even when the unexpected happens. But when divers make poor decisions, the probability of injury, death or a close call goes up disproportionately.

In some incidents the violations and errors are so extreme that we have to take urgent action to help rescue divers or prevent diving accidents.

rescue diver course

A simple case that isn't so serious goes something like this: Pat has left the emergency whistle normally always attached to the BCD at home. A quick check finds no spares onboard . . . and that’s when Pat decides to dive anyway. We’re not going far, it’s flat calm, my buddy has one, there’s no current etc. . . . And, Pat probably gets away with it because in truth, on most dives you don’t need your whistle, and the same is true for other things, like your SMB. Many accepted diving practices we follow on every dive (or should) prove unnecessary on most of our dives. Something more serious is finding a lone, panicing diving underwater or an unconcious one on the surface. In all cases would you now notice the simplest of possible issues that may develop into a major problem during a dive ? What would you do in the case of a diving emergency ? - could you help yourself let alone another diver ?

The Rescue Course teaches you to be far more aware, more able to deal with situations and as a result prevent more serious problems.

Learn to think more like a professional diver and build the mindset that the primary objective of every dive is for everyone to return safely.

Learn to plan and dive as a role model to other divers. We’re more likely to follow safe diving practices when we dive with role model leaders and when we realize that we’re role models ourselves.  

“Setting an example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.”

Becoming a Rescue Diver makes you a better, more confident diver and will forever change the way you go about your days diving. It is also one of the best and most rewarding courses you will ever do.

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