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Monday, 04 March 2019 10:14

Cyprus Diving at it's best !

Cyprus is home to many dive sites with differing levels of interest, marine life and difficulty.

Some dive sites are excellent for training yet not for marine life, whereas others are of a more advanced level and home to fantastic underwater topography and abundant marine life.

Dive sites like the Cynthiana, Pistol Bay and the Ampitheatre are all excellent for dive training of all levels, have great underwater features and varied marine life. Depths vary from 5 metres to 30 metres.

Diving on Jubilee Shoals then provides a dramatic 70 metre sheer wall starting from a pinnacle at 16 metres, with a massive cave at 36 to 38 metres and very good marine life. This dive site is the biggest known reef in Cyprus and is about a mile off the shore of Pissouri.

Then you have stunning dives around the islands of St Georges, Manajin, Geronimos and Copo. These dive sites are home to varied and abundant marine life, walls, swim throughs, reefs, gulleys, sink holes, amphorae, caverns, caves, overhangs and a multitude of differing rock formations. Depths here start at around 8 metres and can reach depths of over 50 metres.

best diving in cyprus


Cyprus diving is also well known for it's great wreck diving. Regular wrecks include the Lady Thetis, Constandis, Vera K, Achilleas, Laboe, HMS Cricket, the Alexandria, Liberty, Nemesis and of course the world famous Zenobia wreck. Depths start at 10 to 14 metres at the Vera K and can reach depths of over 40 metres on the Zenobia. The wrecks in Cyprus are home to probably the best numbers of marine life on any of the dive sites and a number are protected marine reserves. Many can be safely penetrated with some easy exploring for the recreational diver and more complex for technical divers.

There are also many perfect dive sites for children, try dives and introduction dive courses for novices. St Georges hotel, Aphrodites beach and Pissouri Bay all provide sheltered conditions and safe topography with easy entry and exits. They are walled or buoyed off for safety and have large sandy areas for practising skills.

So with such a range of different dives and dive sites Cyprus has superb diving for all levels of experience, ages, dive courses and personal interests. It is also perfect for divers looking for any particular types of diving and marine life, and for those who like to book a whole range of different dives.

You can see a list of most of these dive sites on our website with descriptions of each including what you can hope to see and the depths of each.