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Saturday, 26 January 2019 10:06

TDI Cyprus

TDI, which stands for Technical Diving International, claims to be the largest technical diving agency in the world. It was one of the first agencies to offer mixed gas and rebreather training.

TDI specializes in more advanced diving techniques, particularly with open and closed circuit sysyems, and with mixed gases of oxygen, air and helium.

Cyprus is home to a TDI regional office and a number of TDI Dive Centres providing technical dives and a full range of courses. TDI also has a sister organization for recreational scuba diving which is called SDI, Scuba Diving International. TDI was founded first by a number of years before SDI was launched.

One of TDI's main goals since it's inception is to be an innovator in the technical diving market, providing the latest programmes and techniques, and altering the previously held perception that technical diving was too risky.

TDI Cyprus

Technical Diving International provides a full range of Open Circuit courses from 'Intro to Tech Diving' to Advanced Trimix Diver and Overhead Environment courses including Cave Diver and Advanced Wreck Diver. TDI also provides Service courses, Technical Divemaster courses, a full range of Rebreather courses and Instructor courses.

Technical diving trips and courses here in Cyprus are run every week and there are a number of excellent dive sites to explore with perfect depths for technical diving.

These sites include Jubilee Shoals which is a 70m deep reef and pinnacle with a cave system at 38m. Also of course there is the world famous Zenobia wreck with deep dives and a number of top penetration dives. St Georges Island is another seamount with depths over 100m on it's north side.

Cyprus is a great location to serve any technical divers personal needs in terms of depth and experience, and it is ideal for anyone looking to train in the field of Technical Diving.