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Saturday, 15 December 2018 08:54

Advanced Open Water Diver Course

The Advanced Open Water Diver course is for those divers looking to continue building their experience as a diver following a period as a novice diver. Any diver from any diving agency can complete this course and it is a great way to further improve your ability and knowledge as a diver under the direct supervision of an Instructor. 

The course is completed over 5 adventure dives and up to a maximum depth of 30 metres which also gives 18 to 20 metre divers further depth progression. The 5 dives are each a taster of different types of dives, so for example you can complete a wreck dive or a night dive and learn something on each of these types of dives that require a different area of understanding. There are 2 dives that are mandatory which are the Deep dive and the Underwater Navigation dive, after that there are many other dives which you can choose from based on your own personal preferences, interests and diving ability.

Here in Cyprus we complete the final 2 dives of the Advanced Open Water course on the world famous Zenobia wreck where we do the deep dive and then the wreck dive to follow which is very popular. This is another popular reason to do the Advanced Open Water course as it gives a lot of divers the opportunity to dive this fantastic wreck which is one of the best and biggest wreck dives in the world.

Advanced Open Water Course Cyprus

There is also some short studying to do to complete the course with the Advanced Open Water Diver manual. In here are sections on each of the types of dives, you complete the 5 sections of the dives you are going to do and then complete the questions at the end of each. These are then assessed by your Instructor and any discussions can take place on the answers or anything the diver wants to ask about the content and in general.

This course is a great way to experience a number of different dive sites in Cyprus and an opportunity to experience the excellent range of diving the island has to offer. From wrecks to reefs, islands and walls Cyprus has it all and an abundance of varied marine life to enjoy too.