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Saturday, 15 December 2018 08:38

Try Dives and Try Diving

Try dives as many call it are for people looking to try diving for the first time, without having to have any experience and without having to complete a full diving course. Many dive agencies have different names for this and Padi's first experience diver programme is called Discover Scuba Diving.

For holiday makers this is the most popular diving activity in Cyprus with thousands experiencing the underwater world for the first time in our warm, clear, calm and very safe waters. It is a fantastic experience for individuals, couples, families and groups of friends to enjoy together. For a 1 or 2 dive experience you also only need half a day to complete your diving.

The try dives or Discover Scuba Diving comprises of an initial briefing of some basic dive theory, some general details on how to dive, a familiarization of the equipment and then a shallow water session to practice. During the shallow water session you will learn to relax and take your first breathes underwater before learning how to clear both your mask and regulator easily and safely. This is completed under the supervision of a dive professional who is close to the students at all times and takes them through the whole process.

When the divers are ready then you are taken on a full dive in a stunning dive site with beautiful underwater features and an abundance of marine life. Depths will depend on individual comfort levels and the maximum allowed is 12 metres. Here you will really start to see why so many people fall in love with the underwater world and experience being weighless as you get to grips with buoyancy control and your general diving skills.

Once your dive is completed there is then an option to do a follow up dive after a break which is highly recommended. During the first dive you will have learned so much and by the end of it you should be really getting into the swing of things, unfortunately though you will be getting low on air by this time and the dive has to be ended. When you do the second dive you take that new found diving knowledge with you and you are also far more relaxed after the initial experience and you know more of what to expect. Your diving skills will then improve further on a second follow up dive and you will see so much more as a result and we can take you out further and probably a bit deeper than your first dive.

The second dive is a full open water dive from start to finish and gives us an opportunity to take some photos of your diving experience as a reminder of your days diving.