Saturday, 23 April 2016 05:58

First Turtles of the Mating Season

Recently we spotted our first turtles of the season as they start to arrive in Cyprus waters to mate.

We were able to dive up so close without disturbing them and one even allowed us to dive with her for quite a while. Diving with turtles is always a great scuba diving experience and we should do everything we can not to harrass or disturb them when diving. To share the seas with these amazing creatures is simply out of this world and an experience not to be missed.

In Cyprus we mainly have the privilege of seeing green and loggerhead turtles. They head here to breed initially and then to lay their eggs and feed on the plentiful sea grasses before eventually leaving around November. Some do stay all winter and are regularly seen through December and into January, while many do head for the shores of North Africa.

We are looking forward to as many more of theses dive experiences as possible and with as many turtles as possible over the coming months.


diving with turtles in cyprus