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Monday, 26 November 2018 09:44

Zenobia Wreck Dive Trips

For dive trips, diving holidays or diving packages there is always one dive on everyones mind that is firmly on any dive groups diving agenda. That of course is the Zenobia Wreck.

Divers visiting Cyprus come to dive a wide range of dive sites. We provide daily dive trips to many locations including of course the Zenobia with trips 7 days per week in the main season. Often we advise our divers to do more than just the one trip to get the most from this amazing wreck as 2 dives are just not enough to get the best feel for what she has to offer. 

Some divers will book 1 day, 2 dives due to time contraints on holiday but many singles, couples and dive groups of all sizes will book anything from 4 to 10 dives purely on the Zenobia. The wreck has so much to offer and for some of it (past 30 metres) you will need more than just your Advanced Open Water or equivalent dive ticket. With depths to 42m divers past the 30m depth range will need to be Deep qualified and also it is highly recommended of course to be Nitrox qualified too. This then gives you a wider range of dives to see and explore a lot more.

Up to the 30m range you have the starboard prop, roro doors, doors winching system, part of the upper lorry deck, some lorries still hanging on chains or piled on top of others, starboard funnel, funnel mast, lifeboats, part of the middle lorry deck, staff quarters, liftshaft, launderette, bridge, bow, cafeteria and the accommodation.

Going deeper then gives you access to lots of lorries on the sea bed and above, port prop, a dive under the bow, deeper lorry decks both upper and middle, staff quarters, captains quarters, deeper into the bridge and accommodation, communications room and all the various debris on the seabed.

Deeper penetration dives for technical divers then includes diving further or deeper into areas like the lorry decks, the auxillary engine room, the lower lorry deck and the main engine room. A nice long dive around the whole wreck diving right next to her along the seabed also gives you a fantastic insight into the sheer scale of the wreck and more interesting doors and windows to stick your head into.

So as you can see you could easily dive the Zenobia for a week and still not see everything no matter what level of diver you are !