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Friday, 19 October 2018 11:54

Busy Diving Season in Cyprus

What an incredibly busy season we have had this last few months. With Cyprus being situated in the eastern mediteranean the climate and sea conditions remain excellent right through into November and December, even in January and February the diving conditions can be perfect.

As a result we have many dive groups and dive clubs of all sizes visiting during September and October to enjoy the superb diving and some of the best sea conditions of the year.

Sea temperatures are still at 26degC even at depth and the outside temperature is a perfect 25-27degC. The sea is also very calm with light winds at this time of year too. Many people and our divers are suprised by how good the climate is at this time of year with many other countries starting to close their doors.

beautiful diving in cyprus


The Zenobia wreck has visibility in October of over 30 metres and is teeming with marine life, other popular dive sites also boast pond like surface conditions and visibilty can be as much as 40 metres underwater. This underwater environment is perfect for diving courses, try dives and pleasure dives alike, it is also a great time to make good use of the underwater camera and get some colourful pictures of the topography and varied marine life. 

We had a group of divers out at the beginning of October and had a great week diving in Paphos, the two Limassol wrecks, St Georges Island and 4 dives on the Zenobia. There were 15 in the group and I think it is safe to say everyone had a great time and a great week of diving. This time of year gets more popular each year as more people get to know how long the diving season in Cyprus actually lasts.

For those looking to try diving for the first time, enrol in any level of dive course or even try technical diving the late summer is the perfect time to dive in Cyprus. Conditions for training are perfect, very safe and with warm waters still it all provides a very comfortable learning environment.

turtle on the zenobia wreck