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Saturday, 11 August 2018 08:06

Limassol Wrecks and Reef

The Limassol wrecks were sank as 2 artificial reefs for scuba diving in February 2014. The Constandis lies on the seabed at 24m and the Lady Thetis at 19m, both perfect depths for long dives to enjoy thorough explorations of the wrecks.

In the meantime a number of artificial reefs have also been sank inbetween the 2 wrecks which lie just 200m apart from each other, and you can do a big dive from the main reef now to the Lady Thetis.

amberjacks on the limassol wrecks


The wrecks themselves are very interesting with safe penetration and lots to explore both inside and outside them both. The reefs are still being developed by the Fisheries Department and now include a large bouldered central reef, masses of amphora, a large netted trapaze like structure with 4 levels and other interesting structures. Not only are these reefs of great interest to visiting divers but of course they are continuing to attract an abundance of marine life to the area.

Over the years the numbers and types of fishes and other creatures in the area has exploded and the whole area is buoyed off as a marine reserve where no fishing is permitted. This covers a massive area off the coast of Limassol and the Fisheries Department have now proven to the local fishermen that if they leave these areas alone to thrive then the areas surrounding the marine reserve also benefit from larger numbers of fish and their catches are proving this. This of course benefits both the divers and the fishermen so both parties are very happy, as a result there are many more such reserves planned by the relevant Government Departments.

Lady Thetis wreck divers

We have seen an incredible influx of marine life over the years on the Limassol wrecks and the reefs. Large numbers of smaller fish and other creatures make the area their home and they are soon followed by the larger predators.

The marine life regularly seen includes barracuda, amberjacks, trevallies, grouper, moray eels, wrasses, nudibranchs, turtles, breams, octopus, squid, cuttlefish, lionfish, triggerfish, trumpetfish, lobster, crabs, squirrelfish, red anthias, anenomes, peacock worms, sea slugs, sea cucumbers, sardines, damselfish and much more.

limassol wrecks marine life

There are now more structures planned in the area with figures in one area and 2 massive walls either side of the wrecks to encouage even more marine life and more areas to explore.

These marine reserves are an excellent example of what can be achieved to benefit a lot of people and of course the marine life itself and the local ecosystem.

The Limassol wrecks and reefs can be dived daily and we supply Nitrox for the reef to Lady Thetis wreck dives.