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Tuesday, 03 July 2018 10:59

Boat Diving in Cyprus

Boat diving opens up a lot of extra diving access to some of the best dive sites and diving in Cyprus.

With many excellent shore dives due to some major areas of rocky coastline there are also some major dives waiting to be explored all around Cyprus and all just out of reach from the shore. None are a major boat trip out to sea and all tend to be within 20 minutes from the coast.

Here are just a few to choose from.

In the northern area of the Akamas National Park is St Georges Island, a fantastic dive with stunning topography and excellent marine life. The island is the summit of a seamount that stretches up from the deep seabed and is only accessible to dive from our dive boat in the marina at Latchi. The boat trip is only 20 minutes along the stunning coastline and part of a great day out. A top dive for all levels of experience.

boat diving cyprus

Along the southern Akamas coastline and just off the shore are 2 more excellent islands to be dived and both are only 10 minutes from the shore. One is another St Georges Island and the other Manajin Island, both can be dived in one day and are only a few hundred metres apart. There is a lot to explore on these dive sites and again they are suitable for all levels of experience.

Another great boat dive is Jubilee Shoals which is about 20 minutes out to sea from the beach here in Pissouri. Jubilee Shoals is a massive reef and seamount with a sheer wall stretching for hundreds of metres and down to depths of at least 75 metres. There is a massive cave here at a depth of 36-38m and the wall is a great dive with lots of interest and sure to take your breath away. Large predators can be spotted here especially when the current runs and you need to be experienced to be able to dive it. 

diving off the akamas cyprus

Further along the coast we then have the Limassol wrecks and the ever expanding artificial reef. Just 10 minutes off shore they are 2 or 3 excellent dives with lots of interest, safe wreck penetration and abundant marine life of all shapes and sizes. The reef is also a great dive with a number of artificial structures to explore and varied marine life to see. With dives from 18 metres to 24 metres in depth these are suitable for Open Water and upwards with the right experience.

The most famous boat dive in Cyprus is of course the Zenobia wreck in Larnaca. The Zenobia lies just 10-25 minutes out from the shore depending on which boat you use and from which marina. A boat dive not to be missed and one of the top dives and wreck dives in the world. 

So don't limit yourself to shore dives while visiting Cyprus, as you can see there are many excellent dives from a range of dive boats and all are an opportunity to explore the island at the same time.

zenobia wreck cyprus