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Thursday, 10 May 2018 11:48

Try Diving - Discover the World of Scuba Diving

You often hear people talk or ask about try dives or try diving, a description used for a persons first experience underwater with scuba diving equipment. It is a very popular programme with thousands of people trying scuba diving for the first time every year all around the world and it is also known as Discover Scuba Diving. Cyprus is the perfect location to try diving with it's crystal clear, warm and very safe sea conditions.

Try diving can have many different guises and come in many forms of what sort of experience or what sort of diving actually takes place.

Many use a swimming pool as a quick and cheap option for people to have a brief dip in shalllow and often boring pool dives, these often don't give people too much time to really enjoy what the experience should be giving to potential divers. Try divers often decide to take up diving more seriously and get qualified especially if they have a good initial experience.

We always take our divers into the sea, in shallow sheltered areas to start and then into safe and very beautiful diving areas to get the most from the whole experience. This gives divers more space to practice, an excellent and safe learning environment and the opportunity to see what scuba diving is all about - lots of stunning underwater scenery, marine life, the feeling of being weightless underwater and also being able to breathe underwater while visiting another world !

Try diving or Discover Scuba Diving is also a great thing to do if you are thinking of taking up scuba diving and getting qualified but just want to see if you like it first. It is a cheaper way to do this, you can have a great experience anyway and some of it does actually count towards the Open Water Diver Course.

The whole experience can be done in half a day and includes some short practical theory, a shallow water session to develop confidence and then a full dive to put it all into practice. Dives can often be as much as an hour and the longer you try diving the better you get at it and the more relaxed you become. Maximum depth is 12 metres and this depends on individual comfort levels to ensure the very best and safest dive experience. A follow up full dive on the same morning is highly recommended to get the most from the experience, people tend to learn so much from the first dive that for the second dive they are far more relaxed and we can take them out further and often up to the 12 metres maximum depth due to this.

During our dives we take some underwater and above water photographs to record every divers experience and this can be emailed to them at no extra charge. Often on dives we will see large shoals of sea breams, colourful wrasses, pufferfish, blennies, anenomes, lots of shoals of smaller fish including damselfish, grouper, octopus, pipefish and if you are lucky we regularly see turtles in the area where we conduct the try dives.

Cyprus is the perfect place to try diving for the first time and it can be enjoyed here in the right environment to truly get the very best experience and make you want to go again and again.



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