Discover Scuba Diving

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This half a day experience programme is ideal for individuals, couples, families and groups to enjoy trying scuba diving for the first time. The minimum age is 10 and it can be enjoyed by all age groups.

The Discover Scuba Diving programme initially covers basic knowledge on the equipment, some basic diving theory with some practice and further diving information. All of this is covered in a short session before you get into the water. You then go on to practice in shallow water where you experience breathing underwater for the first time ! At the same time in shallow water you then continue to build your confidence with some basic skills.

Once you are ready we then move into open water for a full dive in the warm, crystal clear, blue waters of Cyprus. Depths are from 2m to 12m depending on your comfort level and as you gain in confidence during the dive.

In Cyprus we have the very best conditions and locations to ensure our divers get the most from this amazing holiday experience. There is plentiful and varied marine life, and the underwater scenery is stunning with many features to explore. The fantastic marine life includes sea breams, trumpetfish, wrasses, pipefish, rays, flounders, puffer fish, groupers and even a great chance to see and dive with a turtle.

We also highly recommend a follow up open water dive on the same morning to get so much more from the whole experience and to help cement the skills and knowledge learned during the first dive. You will learn so much on the first dive that after a break you go for a full second open water dive with much more confidence and ability. During this dive you will be far more relaxed with your new scuba diving abilities, you will know what to expect and see a lot more marine life as a result too. You will enjoy your dive experience so much more and on the second dive we can also take you out further and up to your maximum depth. Underwater photographs are also taken of your diving on the second dive which are emailed to you at no extra charge.

Discover Scuba Diving is suitable for all ages, for divers who haven’t dived for a long period, and is an excellent taster for those thinking of doing the full Open Water Course.