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The Bubblemaker is a fantastic and very safe programme for children to experience the underwater world for the first time and is available for 8 and 9 year old's in very shallow water. 

Maximum depth is 2m and can be carried out in a swimming pool, we will even come to your private holiday location and do it there, or it can be done off the shore in the sea.

We use 2 great locations along the coast for young children where the waters are very shallow, crystal clear and full of marine life. They see so much more in the sea and it is just as safe as in your own pool. Parents can accompany their children and there is a short briefing where a parent or guardian must be in attendance.

At Cyprus Diving Adventures we have seen so many children enjoy their Bubblemaker session and it is a joy to see their faces and their excitement when they come out of the water after visiting the underwater world.