PADI Rescue Diver Course

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The PADI Rescue Diver Course will build your confidence as a diver, teach you how to ensure your own safety and broaden your horizon to also consider the safety and well being of others both on the surface and underwater while diving.

Think about it - if there was an incident or an emergency situation with you, your buddy or your group would you want to be able to deal with it in a proper and successful manner ? Do you feel you could deal with and assist a diver who goes into a panic – either on the surface or underwater ?   

If you want to learn how to deal with these situations and more then complete the Rescue Diver Course, in this course you will build your knowledge, confidence and skills through learning how to look after your own and other divers safety while developing a greater awareness of what is happening around you. This course should be enjoyable but challenging. 

Prior to starting the course you will need to have a recognised and valid First Aid qualification. This can be included along with the Rescue Diver course and are the perfect combination to learn together.

The course consists of knowledge development, in water scenarios and practice sessions, followed by the final 2 simulated open water emergencies for students to conduct full rescues. For the knowledge development you can choose from 2 options. The online eLearning we will send you the link to complete the theory at home saving valuable holiday time or the paperback manual and DVD option. 

The knowledge development is then followed with a number of dive emergency practice sessions in confined water both at the surface and underwater. These include resuscitation, lifting unconscious divers, dealing with panicking divers, tows, self rescue and searches. These are completed to a high standard so you are fully ready and prepared to perform in some simulated rescue situations both as the lead rescuer and as an assistant.

Once these are completed there are then 2 full simulated dive emergencies for you to deal with successfully in Open Water.
On successful completion of these you will be certified as a Rescue Diver.

The Rescue Diver Course is a must for any experienced diver or any diver looking to develop their skills and feel more confident in the water.

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