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If you haven’t dived for a while, you are really rusty and you want to get back in the water you can refresh your knowledge and skills by completing the Scuba Review or ReActivate programme. We can send you the eLearning link to complete it in your own time saving valuable holiday time. This contains a lot of information to help refresh your dive theory knowledge before the inwater sessions. In the practice you will do some dive skills, to fully refresh your basic diving abilities followed by a full dive or 2 to complete your refresher to the best standard possible. It’s amazing how quickly you get back into it and it can all be done on the same day. .

The shallow water session is in the sea, in a sheltered area, this makes the perfect, safe environment with calm and crystal clear water to relax, get used to breathing underwater again and for performing any skills. Depths then range from 2 metres to 20 metres which is ideal for all levels of refresher requirements. 

On completion you receive acknowledgement on your PADI record and log the refresher and dives.

Another great option is that if you just want to get a dive or 2 in we can use the 1 day Discover Scuba Diving programme which will allow you to enjoy some dives without having to ‘re-train’. This covers a briefing of basic diving principles, a shallow water session and a full open water dive or 2. This is an experience programme and not a full qualification.

We can fully discuss all the options with you to suit your personal preferences and refresher requirements.

At Cyprus Diving Adventures we get lots of divers back in the water every year !!!