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Refresher Dives – get YOU back in the waterRefresher dives Cyprus

If you haven’t dived for a while and you want to dive again there are a number of ways we can assist you.
A lot depends on how long it has been since you dived, what level you are at and how much diving you have done.
Contact us with this information and we can advise on the best approach.

Normally it consists of a review of some dive skills, a short time getting back into the swing of things in shallow water, and then an open water dive or 2. It’s amazing how quickly you get back into it and it can all be done on the same day.
You can then choose from a number of other dive trip options available to you depending on how much you want to do.

We don't do this in a boring pool, we have some fantastic and safe dive sites that we use where you will get the very best diving experiences possible.

One of the dive sites we use is perfect for refreshers and has great diving. It has a shallow and almost enclosed area in the sea which has protected waters for completing any skills or underwater time to get divers readjusted and back into some of the basics. This makes the perfect, safe environment with calm and crystal clear water to relax, get used to breathing underwater again and for performing any skills. Then as you travel from here on a short surface swim you enter the open water areas of the dive site. Depths then range from 2 metres to 20 metres which is ideal for all levels of refresher requirements. The depths progress as you head further out to sea in steady gradients which are perfect for building the depth gradually as confidence grows. The dive site has stunning underwater topography and scenery with swim throughs, reefs, walls, overhangs and gulleys. The marine life is also varied and abundant with everything from sponges and star fish to wrasses, breams, barracuda and turtles ! With all this you not only get a good refresher but the diving part is excellent too.

If you are really rusty and it has been a very long time you can refresh your knowledge and skills by completing the Scuba Review or PADI ReActivate programme where more knowledge and skills are refreshed.
The knowledge portion of the ReActivate programme can be done online or in the Dive Centre. Let us know and we can send you the PADI link affiliated to us if you want to complete it in your own time. It will save valuable holiday time.
All you have to do then are a few skills and a full dive or 2 to complete it and fully refresh. You then get acknowledgement on your PADI record of completion and have some great diving in the process too.

For those that are completely out of date it may be best to re-do the Open Water Course if you want to continue doing lots of diving in the future.

Another great option is that if you just want to get a dive or 2 in we can use the 1 day Discover Scuba Diving programme which will allow you to enjoy some dives without having to ‘re-train’.

We can fully discuss all the options with you to suit your requirements.

At Cyprus Diving Adventures we get lots of divers back in the water every year !!!