PADI Open Water Diver Course

Padi Open Water Diver Course

Learn to dive with the PADI Open Water Diver Course. Both this and the Scuba Diver sub-course are the first courses to fully qualify you as a Diver.

The Open Water Course is the most popular diving course in the world and takes you from a beginner to being a fully qualified diver to a maximum depth of 18 metres. The course is completed over 3 to 4 days. 

This is your first course as a new diver and therefore is a very important one. At Cyprus Diving Adventures our experienced Instructors will ensure that you are trained to the very best standard and in a friendly manner. We want you to fully learn the key skills required to ensure you enjoy many years of great diving and continually be able to improve your ability. Safety and the best quality diving experiences possible are also a top priority during our courses, therefore we only teach in a maximum of 2 students to 1 Instructor to guarantee this.

The Open Water Diver course consists mainly of;

  • A knowledge development section where you complete the theory side of the course.
  • A number of confined water sessions where you practice all the required skills and learn to dive.
  • 4 open water dives to further develop your diving skills and complete 4 actual dives.

The course knowledge development work can be completed with 2 main options to suit your own preference. There is the hard copy manual version and DVD which you can study here or preferably we can send it to your home to complete in your own time before you come to Cyprus saving valuable holiday time. Another option is to send you an online eLearning link which includes all the theory, videos and the final exam. This can save you another half a day on the course time compared to the manual version. There is no extra charge for either option.

When you arrive at the Dive Centre with the manual version we will then just need a few hours to go over the knowledge reviews with you and complete the final exam. You are then ready to start your in water training which then only requires a further 3 days to complete the course.

The online eLearning completes all theory online with no one to one with an Instructor on the theory sections but we will be tracking your progress. You can enrol direct via the Padi website or the links on our website below, or we can send you the eLearning link which is highly recommended to save you money - please see below. Please be sure to select the correct Dive Centre, our 5 Star Dive Centre number is S-23471. This version completes all of the theory, videos and final exam in your own time so again saves valuable holiday time. Your inwater training is then completed with us over 3 days.

There is a cost difference with the online version if you sign up through PADI. You have to pay PADI a fee of over €150 when you enrol direct, but we unlike most Dive Centres then reduce the course fee by €80. This means that if you choose to complete the theory portion of the course online this way it will cost you an extra €80 approx on top of the full course price which PADI retains for going direct. As detailed above the recommended and best routes are to either send you the manual version in the post or the eLearning link via email.

We highly recommend the above for the best option and to save additional Padi fees.

Please contact us if you need more information and see our GROUP DISCOUNTS below !

At Cyprus Diving Adventures we also welcome Open Water referal students who have completed the theory and confined water parts of the course and want to complete the 4 open water dives in a warmer climate or while on holiday. The course can also be continued from any point of the course you have already completed.

Please contact us with any queries or for more details.

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Group & Family Discounts

2 Divers -10%

3 Divers -15%

4 Divers -20%

 Groups of 5+   20-25% +  (P.O.A)

Discounts apply to all individual courses booked together from beginners to technical - see our Courses page