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At Cyprus Diving Adventures our aim is to provide the very best in quality training and to produce the best divers possible. We have excellent indoor and outdoor training facilities. These include classrooms, superb confined water sites connected to the sea and all the lastest materials, eLearning, DVD’s and teaching technologies to create the best possible learning environment. Cyprus is one of the top training locations in the world. Our experienced Instructors have years of experience teaching in the UK, here in Cyprus and other parts of the world.

Please see our Scuba Diving Courses prices listed below. For families and groups booking together please also see our discount schedule. Discounts start from just 2 people. 

There are no hidden costs with prices including full equipment, transport, course materials and certification fee.

To guarantee the very best quality and safest courses possible we only teach beginners courses with a maximum ratio of 2 students to 1 Instructor. This is very important to give you the best personal training and for us to teach to the highest standards. So if there are 4 students we would have 2 Instructors, for 5 students there would be 3 Instructors and so on.

For any of the scuba diving courses we can send you the manual and DVD to complete in your own time before you come to Cyprus and therefore saving valuable holiday time. Alternatively for many diving courses you also have the option to do all of the theory work online with e-learning at home and again this method will save you valuable time while on holiday.

The best approach for the eLearning option is to request the link from ourselves which we would send you via email with full details. This method saves you on cost rather than signing up directly through the Padi website. 

If you decide to enrol direct via the Padi website or the links below please be sure to select the correct Dive Centre, our 5 Star Dive Centre number is S-23471.  As already mentioned there is a cost difference for the online theory portion which you pay to Padi if you sign up direct and differs by course. There is no extra cost if we send you the manual version or a link from us for the online eLearning. 

Also of course the studying can just be completed here in Cyprus, the choice is yours.

Please contact us with any queries or for any further information you may require.


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PADI Courses

 Courses  Age  Days  Cost
 Bubblemaker  8 yrs +  ½ day  €95
 Discover Scuba Diving  10 yrs +  ½ to full day  €65 (€90 with extra dive)
 Scuba Review/Reactivate  1 day  €110
 Scuba Diver  10 yrs +  2 days  €290 (Upgrade to OW Diver €260)
 Open Water Diver  10 yrs +  3-4 days  €425 (referrals €250)
 Advanced O/W Diver  12 yrs +  2-3 days  €290 (€335 with Zenobia trip)
 Rescue Diver  3-4 days  €415 - with EFR €510
 Divemaster  €700 (Internships available - POA)
 Assistant Instructor  €475


For Groups and Families booked together discounts start at;

2-3 divers      10%
3-5 divers    15-20%
6+ divers       25%

Larger groups - P.O.A
Discounts apply to all courses from beginners to technical - see our Courses page

When taking the eLearning option there is an additional charge from Padi if you sign up direct with them, or we can just post you the manual version at no extra charge. To enrol direct with Padi for the Open Water course for example Padi will charge you €142.00. As we get a payment from Padi from this we reduce the total cost to you by €70, therefore the eLearning option will only cost an extra €72 in total. The cheaper option is to post you the manual version of the course. Another option is for us to send you the online eLearning link to complete the theory, for this there is also NO additional cost to the course price quoted. For further information on the Open Water Course eLearning option please contact us or see our Open Water Diver website page for more details.

With all courses we will fully detail those where both options of manual or online theory options are available and any pricing differences between the two.

Speciality Diving Courses and Master Scuba Diver Qualification

Prices from €85.  

We don’t charge a ‘speciality’ fee, you only pay for the dives that you complete as part of the relevant course and 2 dives start from just €85. The only extra you pay is for the relative manual and the certification fee.

The Enriched Air (Nitrox) course can be completed without diving but we recommend that you do at least one dive on Nitrox to see the full benefits of diving with enriched air. This course can be combined with another speciality so you can complete those dives with Nitrox. Doing the 2 specialities together is a great way to complete two courses and get great value for money in doing so. Doing your Deep speciality with the Nitrox course for example is a great combination due to the depths involved.

Dives completed during your Advanced Open Water course qualify for Dive 1 already being completed of the relevant Speciality. 

As a Rescue Diver if you complete 5 specialities you then qualify as a Master Scuba Diver, the highest non professional Padi diver qualification possible. Ask for our offers on completing your Master Scuba Diver qualification. Prices will depend on which specialities you would like to do and what qualifications you have at the time.


Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox) 1 day - 2 dives optional
Drift Diver  1 day - 2 dives
 Deep  2 days - 4 dives
Wreck  2 days - 4 dives
 Oxygen Provider 1 day classroom
Boat   1 day - 2 dives 
Peak Perf. Buoyancy   1 day - 2 dives 
Search and Recovery  2 days - 4 dives
 Project Aware - Fish ID   1 day - 2 dives
Underwater Navigator  1-2 days - 3 dives 
Digital Photography    1 day - 2 dives
Dry Suit     1 day - 2 dives
 Multilevel and Computer   1 day - 2 dives
 UW Naturalist   1 day - 2 dives 
 Night 1-2 nights - 3 dives 
 Equipment 1 day classroom 

Emergency First Response

Primary and Secondary care with AED   1 Day     €115
- Adult and Children
First Aid at Work




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