I have had no experience, can I dive with you?

Can I dive with you in Cyprus? Yes this is no problem. Even if you are complete beginner then we get help get you in to the water.

For those looking just to experience the magic of the underwater world we can offer the Discover Scuba Diving Package. This lasts for half a day and contains 2 dives. It also includes roughly 20mins of eLearning to provide you with basic safety information.

Whilst for those looking to undertake diving more regularly we would recommend the PADI Open Water License which certifies you to 18m (3 day course) or the PADI Scuba Diver Package that certifies you to 12m (2 day course).

Click here to find out more about both of these packages.

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Do I need Nitrox?

Many divers will ask “Do I need Nitrox”? Diving with Nitrox/Enriched Air/EANx is a beneficial for divers of all levels. By reducing the amount of nitrogen absorbed by your body it allows for longer bottom times. This is particularly useful for our deeper dives such as the Zenobia, Limassol Wrecks or Cyclops Cave. Please click the link to learn more about out Nitrox Speciality course where we teach you how to use Nitrox safely

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Can I dive the Zenobia?

This is dependent on your level of certification and experience, although if you dream of diving on one of the best wreck diving sites in the world or achieving the PADI Zenobia Wreck Distinctive Speciality then we will help you achieve this safely whatever your current level. To dive the Zenobia we require divers to be AOW with Nitrox Speciality. We offer Nitrox Speciality for a discounted price of €85. Please contact our team and we can advise further.

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Best Dive Sites in Cyprus?

The best dive sites in Cyprus are down to personal preference, so please reach out and tell us what you enjoy and we will advise accordingly. Our Dive Centre Manager’s favourite sites include the Zenobia, Cynthiana Beach, MUSAN, Amphitheatre and Tunnels and Caves. If there is a dive site that you want to dive and it is not on the list then contact us. Ryland loves diving new sites and will help you do the same.

Antennas Dive Site Protaras Cyprus Diving Adventures
Antennas Dive Site Protaras Cyprus Diving Adventures

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