We have added this page to give you the latest updates on our business during these difficult times. This page is continually updated.

Please note our SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS at the foot of the page to help you book with confidence in addition to our normal T&C’s

28.10.20 -  We have been continually diving now from the 21st May, all dive sites and dive boats are still fully open.

With the easing of the lockdown in Cyprus our Dive Centre & Shop reopened on the 4th May with full diving resuming from the 21st. Full movement and the opening of shops, bars, restaurants etc also started from the 21st May with beaches fully opened from the 23rd May. All of the dive boats are fully operational with full protocols also in place on board. 

Cyprus businesses continue to be fully open and the authorities have done an excellent job of controlling the virus with minimal cases. Cyprus is still a very safe destination to visit and was recently listed as the third safest destination in the world. Most bars, tavernas, shops, restaurants, beaches etc are open with outside spaces having minimal but safe restrictions.

Tables are limited to a maximum of 10 people, hand discinfecting is standard and tables are set at safe distances. 

27.10.20 - Airports have been open since the 9th June. Hotels and general accommodations also opened from the 9th June. Tourist flights from the UK were allowed into Cyprus from the 1st August.

28.10.20 Good news for UK visitors - the Cyprus Government confirmed that UK flights were to be allowed into Cyprus from the 1st August. As a category B country visitors will need to have a negative test valid within 72 hours of arrival. Many tourists have now been arriving from the UK over the past 14 weeks and this looks set to continue throughout October and into November.

All visitors will be required to have a completed Cyprus Flight Pass on the day prior to boarding and this will be required on arrival.

Everything is in place for tourists to arrive with absolute confidence of being able to fully enjoy their holiday in complete safety. There will also be no quarantine on return to the UK either with Cyprus having so few cases. 

Please contact us for the latest information and full details.

28.10.20 - Pissouri where we are located has only had 1 reported case of Covid-19 - Cyprus has small numbers of new daily cases.

The Dive Centre and our equipment are fully cleaned, serviced and fully sanitized in line with local, European and National Diving authority guidelines in relation to COVID-19 including DAN Europe. There are also specific guidelines to follow in relation to sanitizing equipment after each use, with particular attention to regulators, suits, masks, snorkels and BCD’s. A maximum of 6 people at a time are allowed in the Dive Centre with distancing also in operation. Self disinfecting products are readily available with regular temperature checks and the use of masks also readily available.


!!! IMPORTANT UPDATE to our Terms & Conditions

- FROM 20th April 2020 - Due to the current COVID-19 situation; !!!

For the forseeable future all bookings will not be subject to our normal Terms and Conditions with regard to non-refundable deposits. In any ongoing new communications during our customers enquiries certain bookings can be made with no deposit required. All other bookings where a deposit is paid then that deposit is 100% refundable if it is anyway affected by proven future problems with COVID-19 (flight cancellations, holiday operator cancellations, local and international restrictions on movements, hotel cancellations etc). This is updated to give our customers more future confidence in making their required bookings. The only exemption is for course materials supplied which can be used anyway at a future date.