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Diving in Cyprus offers some of the best and most varied diving in the world. The fantastic underwater scenery includes ancient rock formations, massive reefs, walls, caves, swim throughs, arches and there is an abundance of varied marine life. With a range of depths too to suit all experience levels you will be amazed at what Cyprus diving has to offer.

At Cyprus Diving Adventures we have over 14 years of experience diving all around Cyprus and we know where the best dive sites are and how to give our divers the very best quality diving. We know dives where experienced divers have commented on what great diving they have seen and how much marine life they have dived with. Dive sites are located across Cyprus from Latchi and the Akamas National Park, to Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca and right over to the Cape Greco area. There are excellent dive sites to suit all tastes and experience levels, and we dive all the best sites in Cyprus from our central coastal location.

Cyprus waters are warm and never drop below 17 degrees even over the winter months. As they warm up from April to November temperatures range from 20 degrees up to a balmy 30. Sea conditions are generally flat apart from the odd day or two where there can be high winds. Visibility is excellent and is another attraction for divers and beginners looking to dive here, typically it can be up to 40 metres and is generally 20 to 30 metres in most dive sites. The sea off Cyprus is very clean and every year a number of beaches are awarded Blue Flag status for the good health and clarity of the water. This is also an indicator of the water having no harmful bacteria or deposits and the water really is crystal clear.

The varied and plentiful marine life here includes large grouper, large shoals of barracuda, parrot fish, trigger fish, various wrasses, moray eels, jacks, green turtles, loggerhead turtles, tuna, trumpet fish, nudibranchs, lobster, crabs, sea sponges, star fish, hard corals, pufferfish, sea breams, gobies, Rays, cuttlefish, octopus, squid, lobster and so much more. We would advise that you dive with experienced dive centres and knowledgeable dive leaders to ensure you visit the best dive sites for marine life. There is truly a number of amazing spots where the life thrives here in big numbers.

Cyprus has a great range of diving to suit all levels of experience, personal tastes and has excellent conditions for all levels of dive courses too.

For beginners Cyprus offers warm, clear and very safe waters to fully experience the underwater world for the first time. There is the Discover Scuba Diving half day programme designed for people to try diving and is ideal for all age groups from 10 years. An ideal first experience programme for individuals, couples, families and groups to enjoy. For those wishing to qualify as a diver entry level courses are available and Cyprus has the perfect diving environment in which to learn to dive.
For those looking to develop their diving further the Advanced Open Water course is designed to do just that and is also an opportunity to dive the world famous Zenobia wreck on the qualifying dives. Diving courses available also include the Rescue Diver course and a range of speciality courses including Deep and Nitrox. These are all are also very popular in Cyprus due to the range of different dives available here and the fantastic conditions.

Diving in Cyprus offers everything from shore dives, a range of boat diving, caverns, swim throughs, wall diving, wreck diving, reefs, deep diving to technical diving and has more marine life than people give it credit for.
Of course you cannot ignore the world famous and top 5 wreck in the world - the Zenobia ! This is a fantastic wreck to dive and offers a number of routes, indeed you could dive her for a week and not see it all. Please see the Zenobia wreck page for more details. There are a number of other excellent wrecks in Cyprus for wreck diving enthusiasts, with 12 currently available to dive including the Achilleas, Vera K, Lady Thetis, Constandis, HMS Cricket, Alexandria, Laboe and the Nemesis

There are a number of protected marine reserves being developed here now that include the Zenobia, the Limassol Wrecks and St Georges Island, with a number of new areas being planned. This is a great bonus for the diving in Cyprus and a lot include new purposely sunk wrecks that soon form new artificial reefs. More general areas are also being designated and include a number off the Akamas National Park.

The Zenobia wreck for example has been protected for many years now and is home to it's own eco system of plant and marine life. The wreck is covered in 'food' and has ample protection for marine life of all shapes and sizes including thousands of varied fish fry. This in turn attracts a multitude of predators in large numbers and big shoals of barracuda and jacks are often seen with many large groupers all around the wreck too. The Zenobia is also covered in various sea sponges and this attracts turtles every year to feed on them and other foods. The Limassol wrecks and the reefs in between them have also created a haven for a large range of marine life and have also served to develop the areas own eco system. Large numbers of varied fish and marine life can be seen here now with big shoals coming in to feed and to hunt !

Some of the best dive sites in Cyprus include Pistol Bay, Ampitheatre, The Stage, Cynthiana, Manijin Island, Geronimos Island, St Georges Island, Limassol wrecks, Jubilee Shoals, Zenobia wreck, Copo Island and many more. Multiple dives and package deals are available to everyone from individuals to groups and can include accommodation and airport transfers.

Excellent locations and depths are available for technical diving and courses with Jubilee Shoals, St Georges Islands and the Zenobia to name a few. On the Zenobia there are some excellent penetration dives through the 3 lorry decks and elsewhere on this magnificent wreck. Jubilee Shoals has a wall down to 70 metres and a massive cave at 38 metres and St Georges is a massive seamount with stunning topography.

As you can see there is top quality diving and courses for all levels here in Cyprus and especially with Cyprus Diving Adventures.


Where Every Dive Is An Adventure


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Welcome to Scuba Diving in Cyprus

Welcome to diving in Cyprus with Cyprus Diving Adventures. We are the longest established professionals in the area and a Padi 5 Star, BSAC, SDI, Padi TecRec and TDI Dive Centre with a full range of diving courses, lessons and daily dive trips to the best diving sites in Cyprus.

Cyprus Diving Adventures is a friendly, professional diving centre, providing a personal and flexible approach for our divers and with a passion for diving at all levels. Established in Cyprus for over 15 years our Instructors are among the most experienced in Cyprus and provide the very best quality diving and dive courses possible.

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